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Official statement of the Independent Commission on the fact of death
On 7 February 2023, members of the Independent Commission and the Bukhara regional representative of the Ombudsman visited remand prison No.4 in order to inquire into the reasons for the untimely death of the late Polat Shamshetov.

During the visit, members of the Independent Commission talked with a range of officials on the situation, including the head of the 6th regional coordination center, lieutenant colonel Sh.Radjabov, head of the detention center, lieutenant colonel U.Asadov, head of the medical department of the detention center, major N.Pulatov, as well as the medical assistant on duty on the day of P.Shamshetov's death, senior sergeant D.Temirov, senior officer of the corps at the order and security department R.Jumaev.

The Commission members also studied the registration documents and recordings of video surveillance cameras installed to oversee the movement of persons held in the detention center and personnel on duty.

Afterwards, the Commission members inquired about the situation the inmates S.Sh. and M.B., who had been held together with P. Shamshetov in the cell of the remand prison. They noted that there had been no psychological or physical pressure on the deceased, and the latter had never complained about that.

The place of P.Shamshetov’s death was told to have been examined by an investigative group headed by the prosecutor of the Bukhara region, by the head of internal affairs regional department, forensic experts, the Bukhara regional representative of the Ombudsman, a lawyer and close relatives of P.Shamshetov’s, as well as impartial persons.

A forensic medical inspection has been ordered to determine the cause of death. According to preliminary findings, P.Shamshetov died as a result of pulmonary embolism and acute heart failure.

Inquiry continues.

Press Service of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman)