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Members of the commission spoke with the accused
On December 23 this year, members of the Commission, headed by F. Eshmatova, visited pre-trial detention center No. 4 of the Bukhara region. During the visit, the conditions of detention in the pre-trial detention center, the heating and food system were studied.

The members of the Commission also met with A. Turdanov, N. Nayimov, A. Nuratdinov, B. Kadyrbergenov, B. Seitnazarov and L. Kallikhanova, who were kept in this pre-trial detention center.

During the meeting, they said that they had no complaints about the conditions of detention, and that the trial was being conducted in accordance with the requirements of the law.

The accused N. Nayimov stated the following.

- I was a little afraid to come to the pre-trial detention center in the Bukhara region. But my fears turned out to be unfounded. The conditions here are good, the cells are warm, there are no complaints about the food.

Kadyrbergenov also confirmed the words of N. Nayimov.

- Having believed the words of D. Tadzhimuratov and participating in the events that took place, I made a mistake. I supported D. Tadzhimuratov to the last, but during the confrontation, in his testimony, he accused the people and us. During the trial, he also accuses only us. He betrayed his people, in fact he is guilty of the events that took place. After that, we all testified against him.

Turdanov also said that everything is fine in the pre-trial detention center of the Bukhara region, the conditions are much better than in pre-trial detention center No. 2, the cells are spacious.

During the conversation, they said that they testify of their own free will, that their testimony was not morally or otherwise, pressure from other persons, and that on December 23 they apologized to the President and the people without an agreement among themselves.

They also reported that they are given 10-15 minutes to walk, but they refused it, based on weather conditions. In addition, they expressed their gratitude for the fact that they are provided with timely medical assistance and expressed gratitude to all the staff of the prison.

Members of the Commission for Investigation of the Circumstances and Events that Occurred in the Republic of Karakalpakstan also met with L. Kallikhanova on the same day. She said that she had no complaints about the conditions of detention in the detention center.

Kallikhanova also noted that at the time of her arrest, neither mental nor physical torture had been applied to her, law enforcement officers also provided her with the opportunity to have lunch, that she had given evidence voluntarily, both during the investigation and at the present time, and she especially noted that it is difficult to force the Karakalpak people to say something through pressure against their will.

Press Service of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman)