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Illegally dismissed employee was reinstated and 40 million so'm were exacted from the employer
The citizen from Ferghana region G.A applied to the Authorised person of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan about illegal dismissal from workplace and requested for restoration of labour rights.

According to the statement of petitioner, he worked as a chief specialist in the Furqat district poverty alleviation and employment assistance center. Owing to alterations in the system, some tasks were transferred to another state organization with the state unit.

After that, citizen G.A.'s  employment contract was terminated by employer.

This appeal was studied together with the regional representative of the Ombudsman in the Fergana region and the Fergana Regional Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan.

It was found that measures were not taken to place the applicant in the state organization where the state unit was transferred. The fact that he has been working in this position for 10 years and is studying part-time at Ko'kan University was not taken into consideration.

The documents related to the case were collected, and a claim was submitted to the court for reinstatement in the interest of the citizen.

According to the decision of the Fergana inter-district court on civil affairs and the decision of the appellate court, the employer is obliged to reinstate the citizen G.A. as a chief specialist. Petitioner G.A. reinstated to this position, 5 months of compulsory absenteeism and a total of 39 million soums were ordered to be charged for the moral damage caused.

When members of staff of the Ombudsman contacted the citizen, it became clear that he is currently working in his previous job and that the amount of compensation has been paid fully.