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Psychiatric hospital in Kashkadarya to conduct repeated monitoring visit – Ombudsman
On November 24, 2022, the Regional Representative of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Human Rights (Ombudsman) in the Kashkadarya region M. Normuradov made a monitoring visit to the regional psychiatric hospital. It was also attended by the chief doctor of the 1st family polyclinic of the city of Karshi J. Eshimov and the temporary head of the Karshi city medical association M. Khudjamov.

It became known that 229 patients were in this hospital for 190 beds on the day of monitoring.

During the study, it turned out that when studying the menu and the quality of meals served to patients in the hospital, as well as the timing of the delivery of medicines, there were no shortcomings.

However, during the monitoring, members of the working group headed by the Regional Representative of the Ombudsman identified some shortcomings and made appropriate recommendations for their elimination. In particular, the hospital building is under reconstruction and does not meet sanitary and hygienic requirements. At the same time, there are sewage problems. There is no hot water in the washrooms, the latrines are closed. It also turned out that the patients were not given special clothes.

After monitoring by the Regional Representative of the Authorized Person for Human Rights in Kashkadarya region, an event was organized with the participation of a doctor and other employees working in the hospital. Recommendations are given to improve the quality of care for patients treated in the institution, and to eliminate the identified shortcomings.

The Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman) informs that a repeated monitoring study will be carried out in the regional psychiatric hospital in the near future.

 Press Service of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman)