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Cooperation between the Ombudsmen of Uzbekistan and Poland is developing
The Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Human Rights (Ombudsman) Feruza Eshmatova, as part of a working visit to Warsaw, Poland, on September 9, 2022, met with the Polish Ombudsman Marcin Wencek.

In the course of a sincere conversation, as experience was exchanged, it became known that there is much in common in the powers of the ombudsmen. For example, both ombudsmen have the right to file a lawsuit in the interests of citizens.

At the meeting, an exchange of views also took place on monitoring visits to closed institutions within the framework of the National Preventive Mechanism, where persons with limited freedom of movement are kept.

Ombudsman Feruza Eshmatova noted that over the past years, reforms have been carried out in our country aimed at ensuring human rights, including the systematic improvement of the legal status of the institution of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman) over the past years, expanding the scope of its activities and powers , as well as new effective measures provided to the Ombudsman in ensuring human rights.

As a result of the meeting, an agreement was reached to strengthen the cooperation of the Ombudsmen in considering appeals from citizens of each country.

For information: In 1988, Poland was one of the first countries in Eastern Europe to establish the institution of the Ombudsman. The person holding this position is considered responsible for the protection of human rights and freedoms at the highest level, and his powers and duties are enshrined in the Polish Constitution and the relevant law.

The Ombudsman is entrusted with the task of preventing violations of civil rights, identifying violations, monitoring compliance with laws and developing new protection measures.

 Press service of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman)