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Reinstatement of illegally dismissed employee and recovery of 20 million soums from the defendant - Ombudsman
Reinstatement of an illegally dismissed employee and recovery of 20 million soums from the defendant - V.A., a citizen of Fergana region, filed an application for unlawful dismissal and asked for assistance in restoring his labor rights.

According to the applicant, he worked as a leading specialist at the Fergana Oil Refinery LLC. The employment contract concluded with him was terminated in October 2023 on the basis of Article 161 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is based on the minutes of the relevant meeting of the company's trade union committee.

Citizen V.A. also noted that she had been working in this company since 1995, had never previously been brought to disciplinary responsibility and was a single mother with no breadwinner.

The appeal was studied jointly with the regional representative of the Ombudsman in Fergana region and the Fergana regional council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan.

During the study of documents related to work, it was established that the employee went on regular vacation in July 2023, without notification of the time of going to work, due to the deterioration of health during the vacation, she was issued 2 times of certificates of incapacity for work, as well as studied the reasons for 2 x day absence from work without a valid reason.

The documents were studied, cases of violation of labor legislation by the employer were established, and a lawsuit was filed in court for reinstatement to work.

The decision of the Fergana Interdistrict Court on civil cases recognized the employer's order as unlawful and canceled. Claimant V.A. was reinstated in her position, and 19,680,000 sums were recovered for forced absenteeism and moral damage.

At present, the claimant continues to work in her former position.