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104 million soums recovered from Bukhara Football Club in favor of its former employee  –  Ombudsman
Fayziev F, a citizen of Bukhara, appealed to the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Labor Rights (Ombudsman) regarding the recovery of wages and other payments and the violation of workers' rights.

As revealed that Fayziev F. worked in the "Football Club Bukhara" LLC in 1990-2013 in various positions.

In 2013, the football club was declared bankrupt. The management of the club established "Bukhara PFC" LLC instead of "Bukhara FC" LLC and continued the activities of the club. All club staff and players have been fully transferred to the newly formed club. However, the club still owes citizen Faiziev F. 33,808,533 soums in wages and bonuses, as well as 30,052,322 soums in travel expenses for a total of 63,860,855 soums.

Fayziev also worked as a Licensing Manager at Bukhara Professional Football Club LLC in 2016-2018. During this period, monthly wages in the amount of 43,278,870 soums were not paid, which should be paid out of 1,881,690 soums per month for 23 months.

Fayziev has written several times to the special commission under the Football Federation of Uzbekistan. Although the special commission gave appropriate instructions regarding F. Fayziev's application, the management of "Bukhara PFK" LLC issued a letter of guarantee stating that the debts to Fayziev Fayzillo would be extended and paid for a certain period, but in practice they did not make the payments.

In his appeal the applicant reported that his health worsened due to working outside of working hours, and even that his legs became weak during work, and when he was taken to the medical association in a critical condition, he was diagnosed with stroke.

After examining all the documents, the Ombudsman filed a lawsuit in the Bukhara Interdistrict Court for the recovery of unpaid wages, business trip expenses and bonus money, as well as moral damage caused to him, in favor of F. Fayziev, who is currently disabled of the 2nd group.

The court partially satisfied the claim of the Ombudsman and issued a decision to collect a total of 91,278,870 soums for wages and equivalent payments and 10,000,000 soums for moral damages from "Bukhara Professional Football Club" LLC in favor of the plaintiff F. Fayziev. By the decision of the Regional Court of Appeal, the total amount to be recovered was increased to 104 million soums. Currently, 104 million soums have been collected from the "Bukhara PFK" LLC .

Press Service of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman