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After the appeal of the Ombudsman on the inactions of the state executor, a case on disciplinary liability was initiated
Citizen N.M. from Tashkent city addressed the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman) regarding the recovery of a debt in the amount of 43.4 million soums from a citizen A.B., a resident of the Jizzakh region. In the appeal, the applicant stated that despite the fact that the debtor has a car that can be used for collection, the debt has not yet been collected by state executors.

The applicant stated that her husband died in 2021 and she is now the sole breadwinner of 3 children. Citizen A.B. Jizzakh region owed money to the applicant's deceased husband. In August 2022, the executive document of the Pakhtakor district court of the Jizzakh region in civil cases on the recovery of a penalty dated February 12, 2022 was received by the department of the Compulsory Enforcement Bureau of the Pakhtakor district Jizzakh region. However, the debt has not yet been recovered.

The applicant's appeal noted that while the car of the debtor A.B. "Cobalt" moved freely around the Pakhtakor region, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Pakhtakor region left to execute the court decision, drew up a document on the absence of a car in the presence of impartial parties and sent it to the collector.

After this appeal was transferred under the supervision of the Ombudsman, the prosecutor's office of the Jizzakh region investigated the situation. It was established that the right of the debtor to travel outside the Republic of Uzbekistan was temporarily limited in accordance with the executive document, and the Cobalt car was recognized as subject to collection in the name of the debtor, and an online ban was imposed on the car.

Due to the fact that the measures taken by the state executor to search for this car were unsuccessful, in January 2023 a search warrant was issued for the car, and it was sent to the SSDD of the Public Security Department of the Jizzakh region for the execution of the decision.

The prosecutor's office of the Jizzakh region informed the Commissioner that during the consideration of the appeal on March 29, 2023, 1.7 million soums out of 43.4 million soums were recovered from the debtor's account.

Currently, enforcement actions are being taken to recover the remaining debt.

In addition, a case of disciplinary liability was initiated against the state bailiff for irresponsibility in ensuring the execution of a court document.

This appeal is under the control of the Ombudsman. When the Ombudsman addressed the applicant, a widow, who is the sole breadwinner of 3 children, it turned out that the debt had not been collected for April-May.

Based on the above, the Ombudsman asks employees of the Pakhtakor district department of the IIB of the Jizzakh region not to allow delays in collecting the remaining part of the debt.

Press Service of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman)