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Was there a long preparation for the demonstration - the opinions of human rights activists of Karakalpakstan on this issue were heard
On August 19, members of the Commission for the study of situations and events that occurred in July 2022 in the Republic of Karakalpakstan met with human rights activists of the Republic of Karakalpakstan Azimbay Ataniyazov and Arslanbay Utepov, as well as Gulsara Zhollibekova, head of the department of the public organization Support for Civic Initiatives.

During the conversation, public opinion was studied about the demonstrations in Karakalpakstan and the reasons for their occurrence.

In particular, it was noted that the call center, telegram bot and other online platforms have been launched by human rights activists since the beginning of the constitutional reforms, and all these tools are considered necessary measures implemented for the population to express their opinions and proposals. The view was expressed that, in general, the measures taken were necessary to express the will of the population.

During the discussions, the issue of managing and financing citizens by external forces was also raised.

Public opinion was also studied about the inner feelings of the protesters and the measures taken by law enforcement agencies to calm the population. At the same time, the main attention was paid to revealing the facts of violation of human rights and obstruction of individual freedoms.

Was the demonstration prepared in advance or was it a situation caused by a sudden awakening of protest moods among citizens? A heated discussion ensued around this issue.

Members of the Commission were interested in the opinion of human rights activists on the changes that have taken place in Karakalpakstan in recent years.

At the meeting, all opinions of human rights activists and representatives of NGOs were heard, and the necessary information was collected. The data obtained are currently being studied accordingly.