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Members of the commission visited a special detention center designed for serving a 15-day administrative penalty
The next destination of the members of the commission was a special detention center of the Public Security Service and the Department of Public Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairsof the Republic of Karakalpakstan for the reception and detentionof persons subjected to administrative arrest.

It should be noted that on the day of the demonstration, a special detention center was also shelled, as a result of which the gates, walls and the building itself were damaged.

During the visit, the conditions of detention of persons, food, medical care and conditions created for recreation were studied in a special detention center. Conversationswith the detained citizenswerealso held.

As it was revealed, the cells in the special detention centerdesigned for detentionof persons are fully equipped with CCTV cameras and other objects with CCTV devices. During the monitoring, the members of the commission were explained that video surveillance recordings are attached to a single system throughout the republic and it is impossible to delete the recordings.

Also, members of the commission formed to study the situation and events in the Republic of Karakalpakstan met with representatives of non-governmental non-profit organizations in Karakalpakstan.

As is known, the role of NGOs in our society is growing. They are directly among the people and are very active in studying their mood and problems.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Nukus branch of the NGO "Istikbolavlod", "Yuksaksalohiyat", the Karakalpak branch of the Association for the Support of Children and Family and other NGOs.