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The appeal of a citizen who for many years tried to allocate a share in housing was positively resolved with the help of the Ombudsman
Citizen Z.Zh. living in the Forish district of the Jizzakh region due to the fact that his appeals to the relevant organizations for help in allocating inheritance from his father's house turned out to be futile.

When studying the appeal, it was established that after the death of the first wife of the applicant's father, he enters into a legal marriage with citizen A.U. and they had no children during their marriage. The applicant's father died in 1995, his wife A.U. died in 2010.

On the basis of a citizen’s request for registration of a dwelling in the Osmonsoi mahalla, the village of Yarashlov, Forish district, left over from his father and stepmother, the administration of the Forish district on March 3, 2015 issued a resolution on the registration of housing in the name of drunkard A.U ..

After that, citizen Z.Zh. received only “formal answers” to many of his appeals to the relevant authorities.

Citizen Z.Zh. in his appeal to the Ombudsman stated that his children and grandchildren were not registered at the place of residence in the prescribed manner as a result of not making his share of the house left to him by his father, in connection with which he was deprived of social assistance and other benefits, and asked for legal assistance grounds.

According to the current Family Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, property acquired by a husband and wife during marriage is considered joint property, and the Civil Code provides for the distribution of the unbequeathed part of property among heirs. In connection with the long-term suffering of the applicant and the severity of his social position, the Authorized Person filed a lawsuit in the interests of the citizen.

The court fully satisfied the complaint filed by the Authorized Person in the interests of the citizen, citizen Z.Zh. was recognized as the first heir to the property left by his father, and the share of his inherited property was determined.

The fact that the citizen's legal rights and interests were restored by the court put an end to his wanderings through various instances.

Press Service of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman)