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Members of the commission visited the central farmers' market in the city of Nukus, which became the main place of the Karakalpak events, in order to study the mood of the people
During the visit to the market, members of the commission talked with traders and local residents. As was confirmed by the members of the commission, the residents who took part in the events that took place were influenced by a sense of internal interest in what was happening, without having any specific information.

The traders also said that the demonstrations were not carried out by the local population, that the situation had become serious due to the influence of forces seeking to disrupt the peace in the country. After the demonstration, traders did not enter the market for some time due to fear.

At the moment, order has been restored on the market, everything has fallen into place. Traders and buyers quietly go about their business. In order to prevent artificial price increases, a fair of goods at a discount was organized.

Members of the commission continue to study the situation in Karakalpakstan.