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The regional representative of the Ombudsman in Kashkadarya region held a reception in the pre-trial detention center
On April 8, 2022, the regional representative of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman) in the Kashkadarya region, Murodulla Normuradov, held a reception in pre-trial detention center № 5 in the city of Karshi.

As of April 8, 2022, 494 detainees were kept in pre-trial detention center, designed for 500 places. Of these, 464 men, 23 women and 7 minors. In addition, it was revealed that 20 detainees were involved in domestic services.

During the reception, the regional representative examined the cells of the detainees held in the pre-trial detention center, talked with them and provided them with legal concepts. A separate conversation was held with 16 detainees who wished to submit an individual appeal.

An examination of the conditions of nutrition and treatment in pre-trial detention center № 5 also showed that there were 16 detainees in the medical unit of pre-trial detention center, most of whom were being treated for high blood pressure. No deficiencies were identified during theinspectionof medication.

Based on the results of the reception, individual and group conversations were conducted with a total of 62 persons.

Press Service of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman)