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A meeting of Ombudsmen on Gender Equality took place
On December 9, 2021, the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Human Rights (Ombudsman), on upcoming the International Human Rights Day, took part in a hybrid event organized jointly with the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Kazakhstan and UN Women.

At the meeting on the topic “The Role of National Human Rights Institutions in Ensuring Gender Equality and Protection of Women's Rights”, the institutions of оmbudsmen had the opportunity to present their proposals and recommendations for exchange of experience and cooperation in solving international and regional problems on this issue.

Speaking at the meeting, the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Human Rights (Ombudsman) F. Eshmatova, representing Uzbekistan, stressed that the issue of gender equality in the country had risen to the level of state policy, and she also dwelled on the results of ongoing reforms in this direction.

According to F. Eshmatova, as a result of the adopted reforms, the number of women in high positions is growing every year. In quantitative terms, the number of women in the national parliament reached 32%, ranking 37th out of 190 countries. The share of women in political parties has reached 44%, the number of women with higher education - 40%, and the share of women engaged in entrepreneurial activity - 35%. More than 15,000 human resources have been formed in 81 ministries and departments, including highly qualified and educated women.

The event developed proposals and recommendations on gender equality and the expansion of political and economic rights and opportunities for women, strengthening their role in the state and society.

Press Service of the Authorized Person of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman)