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On what issues do prisoners turn to the Ombudsman?
The appeal of the teacher who was pressured was resolved positively
The effectiveness of the Ombudsman's activities increased by 2.5 times compared to 2021
Convicts held in the colony-settlement of Karakalpakstan underwent a medical examination
Another citizen was reinstated to work, and the employer was obliged to recover wages and moral damage for forced absenteeism - Ombudsman
On what issues did citizens turn to the Ombudsman?
On what issues did citizens turn to the Ombudsman?
The Constitution is the priority of human rights
  Under the leadership of the Ombudsman, the conditions in the penitentiary institution No. 7 in Tovoksoy were studied
The Bukhara court announced the verdict against 39 defendants
The Independent Commission appealed to the Chairman of the court with a request to sentence 39 defendants on the basis of the principles of humanity
The Ombudsman met with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
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