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Projects of cooperation with the office of the UN Development Program in Uzbekistan discussed with the Ombudsman
On what issues did citizens contact the Ombudsman?
4 illegally dismissed applicants are reinstated and 83 million sums are recovered in their favour – Ombudsman
The Ombudsperson met with the Head of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights' (OHCHR) Regional Office for Central Asia
What issues were discussed at the regular VIII meeting of the Eurasian Ombudsman Alliance?
The regional representative of the Ombudsperson in Samarkand held onsite meetings in the Turon MFY
The Ombudsman met with our compatriots in Italy
The Human Rights Ombudsperson met with ombudsmen colleagues from many countries in Italy
The international conference on "The role of the Ombudsman in the world: between reality and possibility" has been launched in Italy
Details of the meeting with representatives of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
A monitoring visit was made to investigative detention center No. 11 in Khorezm
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