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4 Apr 2019

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a law “On administrative supervision over a separate category of persons released from penitentiary institutions”.

As noted in the law, administrative supervision is a complex of educational and preventive measures, consisting of administrative restrictions imposed by a court to supervised persons.

In accordance with the law, administrative supervision is established by the court for adults:

• recognized as especially dangerous recidivists;
• convicted to imprisonment for committing grave or especially grave crimes, including those convicted to imprisonment in other countries;
• sentenced to imprisonment two or more times for any intentional crimes.

Administrative supervision may establish the following administrative restrictions:

• a ban on staying outside the place of residence at a certain time of day;
• a ban on staying in certain places;
• a ban on leaving the territory limits established by a court without the permission of the internal affairs bodies;
• an obligation to visit internal affairs bodies for registration from one to four times a month;
• a ban on consuming alcoholic beverages.

Administrative supervision is established for a period of six months to one year. It is terminated in cases of expiration, redemption or withdrawal of a criminal record, conviction of a supervised person to imprisonment, death of a supervised person, etc.

Also, this law defines the rights and obligations of supervised persons and internal affairs bodies.

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